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Our Story

   Jack and I grew up in urban environments (Des Moines and Rochester respectively) but loved camping and being in the outdoors and longed to have our own place in the country. In 2013 we purchased this 118 acre farm that needed a little TLC and we got to work.  Every extra moment that we are not working our full-time jobs, we spend expanding our hobby farm operation.  We have two high tunnel hoop houses, laying hens, an apiary, and are developing a U-Pick for Sour Cherries and Honeyberries. We provide quality vegetables and fruit to Natural Harvest Coop in Virginia, Mesabi East's Farm to School initiative and a few local businesses. The self-serve general store located on our property offers vegetables, eggs, honey, canned goods, T-shirts, and Ice Cream treats for visitors. We are perfectly situated between Giant's Ridge and the BWCA with the Mesabi Bike Trail going right past our driveway.  In 2020, we built a studio attached to our garage and host friends and family for farm stays.  We have been honored to support the arts on our farm and 2023 will mark our 3rd year that we have hosted a traveling opera @mixedprecipitation.

   In 2018, The National Weather Service selected our farm as the official weather station for Embarrass. Each day we record the weather and transmit our observations to the NWS.

   We hope that you will visit us soon.

Warm Regards,

Ericka and Jack La Mar

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